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It's an exciting time as we approach another year of the Exodus program (the coordination of 30,000 people leaving Burning Man on a single, two-lane road). The Exodus team is responsible for ensuring a safe and timely trip out of Black Rock as well as giving all our beloved citizens their final farewell for the year. It's truly a special feeling to see every smiling face leaving Black Rock and screaming from the windows of their vehicles "SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!".

Before Exodus was implemented, leaving Burning Man during peak traffic time could take four to six hours. Over the course of several years the Exodus plan has been improved to the point where the maximum wait was less than an hour!

This year we hope to continue this trend, and focus on building the Exodus team and community. We can build it together, fashion it in our own collective image to fit the terrain of our hearts and bind us to the larger Burning Man community. Exodus needs all the spirit and craftiness of the Greeters, the scavenging skills of the DPW, the humor and hard core of the Gate, etc. (We are not anti-greeters, we are shepherds of the desert community, directing the tired, glowing and sated souls back out into the world).

You are invited to pitch in and help make Exodus 2003 a true participant event. We need leaders, imaginative thinkers, shift supervisors, flaggers, people to set up and tear down, people to help guide the flow, and anyone who calls Burning Man "home".

Be a part of Exodus. We have many jobs that need to be filled and there is lots of fun to be had!

Sign up for Exodus by filling out the Volunteer Questionnaire found at http://www3.burningman.com/people and check "Exodus" under Volunteer Options.

If you have any questions or comments, write to exodus@burningman.com.

"Contribute to the cooperative effort; create the community."


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